Can you beat the General?
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A boat sailed 47km on day one and 16km on day two. What was the total distance travelled?
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Who sang the famous song "Wake Up Little Susie" (1957)?
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Which country's largest city is Shanghai?
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Flo has an accuracy rate of 50% when throwing darts. How many out of 280 are on target?
Question 5 of 10
In what country are Gujarati, Kashmiri and Sanskrit three of the 23 official languages?
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Who was Topo Gigio?
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In Colorado there's one called the Chinook and in LA there's one called the Santa Ana. What are they?
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Outside what capital city is the Orly Airport located?
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Trowbridge is the Admin Centre for which W?
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Who starred in both films Lost in Translation and The Black Dahlia?